Med inStyle

Professional events

The most appropriate response for the organization of events in Capri, on the Amalfi Coast, and in Costa Smeralda.

Whether it's for incentive, team building, social events or gala dinners, Med in Style has the right key to plan and implement every event in an impeccable way.

The choice of venues is really wide: breathtaking views, locations overlooking the sea, gardens with lemon groves, private villas on the beach. The detailed knowledge of the territory combined with an exclusive network of local partners is what distinguishes MedinStyle from other organizations.

Mediterranean for MedInStyle stands for culture, personality, tradition, freshness, flavors, colors, perfumes, but above all , love for the territory.

"We strongly believe in the values ​​of the land in which we live, the energy that the Mediterranean contains and releases characterizes every event we take care of."

(Alessandra Gravina, Med InStyle CEO & Founder)


This is the Mediterranean scenario, frame of your Italian event.

A blend of warm and wrapping colours, exiting aromas, sounds and rhythms touching your soul! This is the unveiled Mediterranean that we want you to discover. This is the Mediterranean scenario, frame of your Italian event.

About us

Every single event is tailor made especially for you

Med in Style was born from our passion for the Mediterranean with its ancient culture, traditions, wine & food excellence, charming landscapes, where hospitality plays its main role.