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Med in Style Weddings & Events

Med in Style Weddings & Events

Med as the abbreviation for Mediterranean, as the wonderful sea that touches our coasts, but above all, "Med" as a symbol of a real lifestyle. That same lifestyle that we personally love to live and make our married couples live.

Style, just like the representative element of the unmistakable Italian taste and style.

This is how Med in Style Weddings and Events was born, the tailor-made event boutique with a Mediterranean touch.

"Our strength is the widespread knowledge of the territory based on a network of exclusive local partners, a team of experts and professionals at your disposal to turn into reality everything you had, so far, only imagined"

About us

Our team has been creating unique, tailor-made events for over ten years, in which elegance, essentiality and tradition blend perfectly in the most exclusive and requested locations for dream destination weddings in Italy such as: Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Naples and the Sorrentine Peninsula and the Costa Smeralda in Sardinia.

The starting point that makes every single wedding unique is the Med in Style method that we have carefully studied over the years. It is the design of a personalized vision, created and developed starting from the ideas and desires of the couple, aiming to bring out the personality of the spouses contextualized in an extraordinary territory, loved all over the world.

Inspire. Imagine. Live.

We commence our journey together by drawing inspiration and envisioning your most enchanting day, working towards making your dream a reality and living it to the fullest. A wedding that seamlessly integrates the Mediterranean landscapes of the region into the ceremony or the wedding weekend project, preserving its essence while enclosing the colours, flavours, scents and charm of beautiful Italy, and with a special attention to eco-sustainability and different lifestyles. Whether they are vegan or vegetarian, we will know how to guide you accordingly, step by step, thanks to the support of our chefs.

We believe in your dream as if it were our own, embracing in the traditions and excellences of the territory, viewing hospitality as a real true art, and recognizing in the imperfect and unique beauty of the Mediterranean nature as the setting for your most beautiful day ...Top

Med in Style Weddings & Events
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