Mediterranean thank you gifts

6 ideas for your nuptials in Capri, Amalfi Coast and Smeralda Coast

Sun, sea, strong perfumes, delicious food and enchanting landscapes, these are the secret ingredients for a true Mediterranean style wedding in Capri, the Amalfi Coast and in the Smeralda Coast. As is always the case with every wedding, each aspect has to follow the theme of the wedding. From the invites, to the decor of the reception, carrying over all the way to the Mediterranean thank you gifts.

At this point the question arises spontaneously, what does a thank-you gift need to have to fit with this style?

Mediterranean thank you gifts

Mediterranean thank you gifts: how to choose?

It can be difficult to think of a creative and thoughtful gift that differs from “his highness” limoncello… However, there are countless other ideas when thinking about something that can please your guests.

Above all, whichever your final choice is, our most important piece of advice is that is something fully personalized!

Here are 6 ideas for your wedding thank you gift

Are you ready to take this little trip through my best suggestions for Mediterranean wedding thank you gifts? I hope you will discover how to turn the local territory into the main source of inspiration for your selection…

Mediterranean thank you gifts - Citrus jam

Citrus jam

It's impossible to not come into contact with the flavors and perfumes of all of our wonderful citrus plants in Italy. Why not have them be the "creators" of your mediterranean thank you gift? You can, thanks to locally sourced orange, grapefruit, citrons, lemons or figs with bergamotte jams. Your guests will love the citrus jam, signed Gargiulo, made by using the pulp from the fruit of the Sorrentine Peninsula. A true culinary dream!

The taste of wine

There are parts of Italy known the world over for their prestigious wine. If your nuptials are near these regions, you could opt for a great bottle with a personalized label!

Precious oil

Vast expanses of centenary olive trees “adorn” the landscapes of our hills and our coastlines, these same olive trees that each year grant us the bounty of their golden extract… Extract that can become the perfect idea for a gift in pure Mediterranean style to gift to your guests.
Like the Capri Gold an quality extra virgin olive oil characterized by the typical fragrances of the Island that will recall to everyone, as time passes by, the most wonderful moments of that great day, thanks to its intense perfume.


Limoncello & Mirto

From the famous lemons of Sorrento to the fragrant craig myrtle berries on Sardegna. An explosion of aromas, that once you taste, even years later echo the same emotions and feelings… If you want to create memories that last a lifetime, even for your guests, a little bottle of mirto or limoncello is the perfect gift.

Some examples? 100% natural and famous, the Limoncello Di Capri is produced exclusively with Sorrento lemon peels I.G.P., alcohol, water and sugar, without further additions and with the artisanal method: a gift that truly respects the traditions and flavours of the island.

Or myrtle, a classic from Sardinia. The berries from the homonymous plant (sacred to Venus symbol of love and beauty) gives life to the famous myrtle liqueur. Its process is very long ... in December the berries are harvested and remain in infusion in alcohol until March, when with the addition of water, alcohol and sugar and in full respect of the traditions, the real Sardinian myrtle liqueur is born. The advice, in this case, is always to select local suppliers as for the choice of the cadeau Mediterranean wedding local realities such as La fabbrica di Liquori artigianale San Martino, especially when choosing a gift for a Mediterranean wedding. These are the true guardians of traditions and flavours.



Soap with the perfumes of Mediterranean plants

What’s more wonderful than bringing back with you, after a trip or an experience, the intoxicating perfumes of the mediterranean? We have the ideal solution to achieve this. An artisanal bar of soap as a Mediterranean wedding thank you gift. An artisanal scented soap made by the company La Selva from Positano, a company that makes natural cosmetics, surrounded by nature, the perfect gift for a Mediterranean wedding. A useful gift that brings joy to heart and mind.


Artisanal Decorative Ceramics

Last but not least, you cannot forget about the iconic and typical creations of the Mediterranean. Little works of art in ceramic, such as tiny ceramic Maiolica bricks, Moor head statues or decorative Apulian Pumo or Sicilian Pigna statuettes. An artisanal creation, like the one from Solimene Art, for contemporary ceramic, o the Solimene Artistic Ceramic, with a century tradition and Mediterranean decorations. It does not get more Mediterranean than this!

Artisanal Decorative Ceramics