Amalfitan Coast

Why organize an event on the Amalfi Coast?

Because there are no scenarios in the world able to match the elegance and the exquisitely Mediterranean style of this place with equal effectiveness and poetry. Wild nature and luxury destinations: a winning combination. Spectacular scenery, dream location set among the rocks, haute cuisine menu with refined products: biodynamic wine, organic oil and strictly 0 km food, able to satisfy even the most refined palates. Choose the Amalfi coast if you are looking for:

  • prestigious Boutique Hotel & SPA
  • gourmet dinner in an authentic Torre Normanna, the most ancient of the Coast, built between 1250 and 1300
  • characteristic vineyards of "heroic agriculture"
  • Breathtaking terraces overlooking the sea ancient medieval lemon groves that rise in the secret garden of an old monastery
  • the amazing frame of the Path of the Gods
  • the romance of Ravello
  • the exclusivity of Positano
  • the colors and liveliness of Amalfi
  • festivities in marine style, inspired by the ancient traditions of these places