Why organize an event in Capri?

Because it is a myth, and therefore timeless. Because it is glamorous and classy. Because its natural beauty is unmatched. Choose Capri if you are looking for:

  • exclusive Boutique Hotel & SPA
  • location overlooking the sea, so close you can breathe the salty smell
  • beautiful luxury villas
  • refined aperitifs in the Piazzetta, “the living room” of the world
  • ancient historic houses with breathtaking sights
  • roof terrace on the roof of the island
  • fashionable beach club
  • characteristic lemon groves where you can taste the legendary ravioli capresi
  • the charm of the Dolce Vita
  • dinners on the moonlight with a view of the Faraglioni
  • by night in the name of folklore