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Why choose Cilento?

There is something mysterious and amazing about the Cilento Coast. Rocky beaches, ancient villages perched on the hills and sea, untouched places far from the city, not only in space but also in time, belonging to a wild and mythical era.

Choose Cilento if you are looking for old historic properties, eco-friendly resorts, or private villas on the beach. Have a welcome reception that is completely focused on the values of the Mediterranean diet, famous all over the world, and actually born in this exceptional area after World War II. Continue with a welcome informal dinner, giving you all the possibility to experience the atmosphere of the most authentic and unknown Italy.

Imagine your cocktail on a golden sand beach, at sunset... Imagine the greatest party with the best organic food, an exciting entertainment and colorful fireworks...

Our suggestions:

In Cilento, more than in other places, there is a deep spirit for Italian traditions rooted in people and in their land.

In this destination, with a dinner in the vineyards, we will create the perfect setting like no other.

The precious vineyards of the Cilento area, overlooking the sea, are the ideal location for an eco-friendly meeting & business lunch.

The gala dinner will be served on a terrace overlooking the vineyard and sea, under a large white sailing shaped tent. Tables and chairs will be made of recycled wood, mise en place and decorations produced only with local materials, in full respect of nature. There will be centerpieces with olive sprigs, grape leaves and white candles crafts, planting rosemary and oregano placed in small clay pots made by local craftsmen. And do not forget that we are in the motherland of the Mediterranean diet. The menu will be a real journey through the flavors of culinary traditions of this great land.

Choose vegan and vegetarian menus and you will delight the palate of your guests with our organic and local foods. Homemade wine tasting, among the best in the region, visiting vineyards, picnic in the vineyards ... It will be an unforgettable experience for all!

Enjoy a remise en forme program, yoga sessions at sunset, anti-stress massages, thrilling custom made team buildings all matched by a healthy and tasty cuisine.

Cilento means a true unique experience in direct contact with the sea, nature, small fishing villages, wine and gastronomy.