Costa Smeralda

Why organize an event in Costa Smeralda?

Pink beaches and crystal clear waters, the Mediterranean scrub with its intense colors and unmistakable scents, the Maddalena Archipelago, an inland rich in history and fascinating traditions. The glamor allure, chic and mundane. Costa Smeralda is the perfect combination of all these components.

Choose the Costa Smeralda if you are looking for:

  • Luxury boutique hotels on pristine beaches
  • mini resorts, real oases on the silver sea
  • class, simplicity, hospitality
  • intimate and refined environments in pure Mediterranean style
  • authentic stazzi - the ancient Sardinian houses
  • beach party on white sand at sunset
  • wine party in an elegant vineyard where you can taste the best of local food and wine
  • the worldliness of the "smeralda life", with an after party in one of the most trendy bars in Porto Cervo
  • Safari Boat Tour to discover the most enchanting places of the Maddalena Park