Indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast: Alisha and Rahul's dream

The Amalfi Coast is a dream place where you can spend magical moments, live experiences with that unique flavor of the Italian lifestyle, and savor the tastes and scents of a wonderful land. A little corner of paradise loved by everyone, but especially by those who live far from the Belpaese. The latter, in particular, can grasp the beauty and conviviality of these places and perceive their potential – often more than others – just like our spouses, Alisha and Rahul, who chose the Amalfi Coast to celebrate their wedding, a genuine and authentic Indian Wedding.


indian wedding


An Indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast by the book

As for the most traditional and typical Indian weddings, we wanted to capture the spirit and essence of their rituals and customs, a perfect mix of eccentricity and Made in Italy aesthetics. A memorable event, a colorful and fun Indian wedding, divided into three beautiful days, each with a specific celebration...


indian wedding


Mehindi time!

For the first day, the codeword was only one: fun, which, together with joy and color, created the perfect combination to describe the ritual of Mehndi. The typical Indian ceremony where the henna tattoo is the absolute protagonist. A beautiful tradition with deep and strong meaning for an Indian wedding. A practice which binds not only the two spouses but the entire family and friends. A memorable and lasting moment that will remain in the heart and mind, full of emotions, during which the hands and feet of the bride are tattooed with a message of good wishes and well-being for the union and its future.


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Sangeet, an amusing “welcome party.”

The second day of the wedding weekend on the Amalfi Coast was fun. For Alisha and Rahul, we recreated an exclusive and classy party where music and dancing were the backdrops, together with their loved ones from all over the world.



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Not surprisingly, this tradition's purpose is to give the couple moments of joy and serenity through typical moves and endless dances and moments of socialization and laughter to the two families.
For them, we have created a personalized project giving life to an atmosphere with eclectic, lively and contemporary tones, and of course...with a sea view!



indian wedding


A fairytale Indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast

Thanks to attentive and creative teamwork, we enhanced the beauty of the Amalfi Coast while maintaining a connection with the Indian soul. A fil rouge of emotions and traditions that allowed us to amaze newlyweds and guests from all over the world. An Indian wedding that came alive between magic and refinement, with first a traditional and elegant ceremony with light and pink shades and a reception with stronger black & white shades...


indian wedding


We can define the Indian wedding on the Amalfi Coast of Alisha and Rahul as an event within the event. A three-day destination wedding in one of the most exclusive wedding venues of the destination, overlooking the sea.