Mediterranean Inspiration

Mediterranean Inspiration

Discover. Live. Love.

A mosaic of warm and enveloping colours, inebriating scents, unique flavours, sounds and rhythms that warm the heart. These are the feelings and emotions that, only here, you will experience on your wedding day, a few steps from the sea, in the Mediterranean destination of your choice.

Discover a unique territory rich in history, art, exclusive locations and inimitable flavours. Those destinations full of traditions and atmospheres impossible to reproduce and find elsewhere, admired and desired by the whole world ...

Experience the sense of hospitality and the millenary culture of the Mediterranean welcome that have always distinguished the locations and destination weddings we create.

You will experience the Italian spirit and the true Made in Italy style in all its facets, details that represent the essential heritage of this extraordinary land that, for your most beautiful day or wedding weekend, will become the secret ingredient of your dream of love in the Belpaese.

The green of the Mediterranean scrub and the blue of the sea hit the eyes, as the citrus and sparkling aromas inebriate the sense of smell and the strong and intense flavours, the taste, while the energetic and golden light of the sunsets cheers up mind and heart ...

Immerse yourself in the discovery of classic and modern private villas, relais, exclusive hotels, castles and medieval towers that dot the coast and that make even the most demanding visitors dream.

Splendid "infinity terraces" that observe the blue horizon, as well as the suggestive small villages set among the rocks that, thanks to the analysis of the vision, are reconsidered as an ideal place for symbolic ceremonies and unforgettable receptions, inebriated by the scent of the sea, myrtle, lemons, bergamot and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

And then them, the beaches and the "secret" coves or the Mediterranean gardens where you can organise your wedding in intimacy with touching civil and / or symbolic rites.

But not only that, you will also love the folklore that you will meet in the alleys of Capri, in the characteristic towns of the Amalfi Coast, of the Sorrentine Peninsula or of the Costa Smeralda. That atmosphere that you can also make your guests experience through performances of musical bands from the typically Italian repertoire or by making them taste the inevitable traditional food and wine products of the territory, first of all the inevitable limoncello, also perfect as a wedding gift.