Med Instyle provides a team of professionals who will "design" your event just as you had imagined it: Thanks to its network of exclusive partners, Med in Style will allow you to create more types of events:

  • Anniversaries
  • Opening
  • Gala dinners
  • Product launches
  • Team Building
  • Incentive & Travel Award
  • Corporate events

Med InStyle offers several services, from the choice of location and theme to the Event Design, with a concept study formulated specifically for you, following all the steps of organization, coordination and management of the event.

Med InStyle will take care of the entire Artistic Direction of your event: video and photo productions, audiovisual materials, lights and sounds and all that will help to make every moment unique. A single direction, that of Med inStyle, always ready to listen to you and make your wishes come true.

You will trust Med inStyle to take care of all aspects related to the logistics of the event, both in planning and in itinere, from booking trips to the choice of music, up to merchandising.

Med InStyle will be your first reference in the boundless world that is an event: problem solver by profession, the staff of Med InStyle has all the right keys to fulfill with enthusiasm and passion every kind of request.

Special services such as catering with starred chefs in dream locations, personal assistance, rental of beautiful villas by the sea.

  • Choice of location and theme of the event
  • Event Design, Organization, Coordination & Management
  • Artistic direction
  • Video and Photo Productions
  • Audio / Visual, Light & Sound
  • Merchandising
  • Logistics  


  • Catering with starred chefs and carefully selected staff
  • Personal assistance
  • Villa rental

A careful and participative guide to ensure that your event is harmonious, well structured, has its own well recognizable character and is always seasoned with a touch of the Mediterranean. In short, that it will leave a mark!