Choice of the catering and highly qualified personnel

For a haute cuisine dedicated wedding reception we will be higlhy committed to the choice of the catering, the menu and the chef. We will lead you in the selection of chefs who will reinterpret the culinary tradition of our land.

Choose a menu that reflects your couple, who transmit the energy and the strength of your love, that enhances the characteristics of the Mediterranean: biodynamic wine, organic olive oil, km 0 products. The Campania boasts twenty-two slow food presides: your guests will live a giurmet experience for the palate that you will hardly forget.

We will respect and meet the special dietary needs of every single guest, including your furry friends. If you are vegan or vegetarian, our chefs will prepare ad hoc gourmet menus by using only high quality products, focusing on small local producers who pratice organic and sustainable cultivation techniques for their production. No doubt that with us the most demanding palates will be satisfied.