Marriage proposal

"What every woman wants is to be able to describe the moment when her man asked her to marry her. What every man wants is to see the dreamy eyes of his woman, as she tells it."

A marriage proposal that remains etched in the heart is the best beginning of a fantastic love story. Surprise, joy, magic: Med inStyle will make that moment impeccable and harmonious.

Everything will be meticulously designed starting from the choice of the ring, which can be custom-made by an expert Neapolitan master goldsmith.The most exclusive and romantic places of our territory will be at your disposal: secret coves in the most enchanting island of the Mediterranean, corners of paradise off the beaten track immersed in the unspoiled nature of Cilento,terraces set among the rocks overlooking the sea of the Amalfi Coast, antique villages perched in the mountains of the Smeralda Coast or a ride on a sailboat off our beautiful seas. Unique and enchanting places that will become the ideal setting for the fateful "Yes, I do!".