Wedding in Capri

Brent & Jeff: The Celebration of Love. Wedding in Capri

Brent and Jeff, two awesome newyorkers, choosed for their wedding some of the most attractive locations in Capri.

A Classy couple, a Casual-chic event, a non- conventional wedding where tradition was never forgotten.

Brent & Jeff

Stylish, joyful, overwhelming: the celebration of an absolute love.

Brent and Jeff, two awesome newyorkers, choosed for their wedding some of the most attractive locations in Capri.

Being Capri lovers and frequent visitors, they were pretty aware of the island's hotspots, treasures and beauties. Yet, they soon realized to need a planner to act as a mediator for the event: three days of party, dinners, aperitifs...

"At the beginning, we were looking for an American wedding in Capri. Being a same-sex wedding, we knew it would lend itself to something less structured. MedInStyle made it feel effortless and breezy, allowing us to focus on receiving our guests. The warmth that our MedInStyle event had at Da Paolino and at Lido del Faro was unparalleled. When we entered at both the venues, "Da Paolino" and "Lido de Faro", it took our breath away and allowed us to finally relax in a very Mediterranean way. We were blown away.

Both events had such unique feelings.. Every time we turned our head there was another detail that had just been taken care with elegance.

What we thought would be an American wedding in Mediterranean - through MedInStyle vision - turned into a bunch of Americans at a Mediterranean wedding! "


Wedding in Capri

At "Da Paolino", the couple held their reharsal dinner, the imperial style table set-up was refined garnished with fresh lemons, daisies, basilic, typical little plants, and tea lights inside glass spheres hunging from lemon threes. 

"To keep everyone close, we opted for a a massive table, 80 guests, seated all together, family and friends. After dinner, a drink in Capri Piazzetta at its most historic bar: Bar Caso, whose table were decorated with lemons and bougainville."

Lemon was a kind of obsession and again , the day after, Brendt & Jeff's big day, the beach club "Lido del Faro" ( the lighthouse, the second brightest in Italy, after Genoa, and one of the oldest). It was all embellished with lemons, bounganvillea , plus traditional tiles according to the flowers colours, and an exotic touch with banana leaves.

We had a great party, dancing till late night to the rhythm of DJ Fabio Vuotto's music. 
" We don't know how to describe this, but we were relaxed, happy and never disappointed. We were overwhelmed time and time again. "

Which was the most touching moment of your wedding, when you felt the magic?

"The amount of love that we were surrounded by , not only between each other, but from our friends and family.
The amazing contributions from our loved ones during the wedding ceremony, including our niece singing "Somewhere over the rainbow" and the privilege to having our best friends officiating. Nothing could be more amazing to watch as I held the hands of my best friend and partner. "
Answers Jeff. Walking down via Tragara, hand-in-hand with our families by our side", adds Brent.