Wedding in Capri

A journey called love. Getting married on Capri

Some call it "the most beautiful day", others "the big step", others still live it as a real FEAST. This is the story of Mary and Autari, native Neapolitans. Fun is in their blood.

Mary e Autari

Wedding in Capri

Mary, how did you spend that day?

"In a word, as a journey, and it was not just mine. Many guests told me: “It was the most beautiful journey of my life. " 

It was such a great satisfaction! Many people asked me who was in charge of the event planning, even people who had not been there, but had simply watched videos and photos on social media. They wrote to me asking how we had made that day so special.

And what did you answer?

"Our joy. It wore off everyone. Perhaps this is what made my marriage so different from the others. There is no secret ingredient, and even if there were one, it wouldn't be the bow, the cake or flowers. The secret formula is Happiness. This emotion, mine and Autari's, and our desire to have fun inevitably was shared by all the other guests.

In terms of organization, I think the timing greatly contributed to the success of the event, and in this Alessandra was a Master. I think I was the most punctual bride in history, the guests were in the church at 4.30 pm and I was there at 4.40. 

I got married in the Church of Santa Sofia, in the historic center of Anacapri. I loved the walk from there to Capri Palace, the hotel chosen for the aperitif, dinner and festivities.

When I called MedinStyle I had a different concept of a wedding planner, I thought they would have influenced me in all my choices. But with Alessandra it was different. The first sentence she told me was " this wedding is yours." A revolutionary idea if I think of the many marriages I have witnessed in recent years.


Wedding in Capri

My wedding planner was the "Invisible Woman" with her red dress and the chignon at the centre of her head. She was everywhere, coordinating everything, without ever being intrusive. I can tell you that at the end of the ceremony she was able to ask for the initials Of all the guests for the party gift, which were a pair of personalized Capri sandals. Even in this we managed to create something tailor-made, instead of the usual wedding favor.

The ceremony in the church was very solemn, as was the dinner and the seating arrangement at the table. We respected our traditions and those of our families. Then the setting changed and when we moved to the "Ragù" terrace, We all let loose. I love to dance. As soon as I have an opportunity I let myself go...

The choice of music was crucial. Alessandra arranged this too with live music, a DJ set and after midnight, not to disturb customers at the hotel, the "silent party" with headphones at full blast. So cool! I always thought of marriage as a big party, Similar to a New Year's Eve ... But I chose a beautiful day in early September, a Friday, a bit unusual, but the celebration lasted three days!

Alessandra gave me incredible motivation, and a strong sense of security. Every problem for her was resolvable and she faced them with such tenacity that even in times of panic, she could make me laugh."

Text By AnnaChiara Della Corte