Amalfi Coast

Why choose the Amalfi Coast?

There are no scenarios, not in the whole world, capable of combining the elegance and exquisitely Mediterranean style of this place with as much effectiveness and poetry. Those who visit the Amalfi Coast cannot forget the scent of olive trees and lemon groves, which combine with that of the sea creating an inimitable aroma. Panoramic breathtaking landscapes set among the rocks, overlooking the sea, meet haute cuisine menus with the unique and typical products of our land: biodynamic wine, organic oil and strictly zero-kilometer food, able to satisfy both the most delicate and the most refined palates.

The Amalfi Coast is the perfect destination for you if you want...

Exclusive places for you and your guests such as Boutique Hotel & SPA and private villas from the thousand and one nights like Villa Bideri where you can spend a whole week of relaxation. Organise the welcome dinner of your guests in an authentic Norman Tower, the oldest on the Coast, or in one of the vineyards of "heroic agriculture", on breathtaking terraces overlooking the sea, or inside an ancient medieval lemon grove that stands in the secret garden of an old monastery.

You can choose between a civil or religious ceremony, while your reception can be hosted in the most intimate environment of a private villa, or in the glitz of a luxury hotel. The photo shoot will be carried out among the wonderful views that only the wild nature of the Amalfi Coast is able to give.

Ideas for your MED in Style wedding on the Amalfi Coast

For your ceremony, we suggest you to choose the romantic scenery of the Terraces of Infinity, in Ravello. To then move with your guests in a private villa, for your exclusive use, overlooking the sea and Positano. If it is a wedding weekend, you and your guests, cannot miss an authentic and original activity. An example? A Yoga Session on the Path of the Gods with a bio picnic made of products grown in full respect of nature in the Lattari Mountains; a re-energising and anti-stress itinerary completely customizable.

In the amazing setting of the Path of the Gods then, in a secret location, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, it is also possible to create an eco-friendly wedding. If you are a nature lover and have embraced a completely "green" philosophy of life, this is the perfect venue.

The Amalfi Coast is also the perfect place for couples who want to organise a wedding on the beach, perhaps favouring a more informal and fun style, or intimate and refined. The "secret" beaches, most often accessible only by sea, are perfect for an exclusive and romantic ceremony. Some locations are situated directly on the water, offering the opportunity to arrive by sea and organise the celebrations in maritime style, using neutral colours and local materials, inspired by the ancient traditions of these places, also for the menu.