Wedding planner Capri

Wedding planner Capri: why choose a professional from the island?

A pearl of the Mediterranean that has always been called the island of love, let's talk about this, the beautiful and unique island of Capri. Among its alleys, the square and the most beautiful views of the coast have passed great historical characters, the Dolce Vita, art, and cinema, welcoming, in the 50s, the very first symbolic wedding in history. One thing is certain. After years, its charm has remained intact, becoming one of the most exclusive and requested destinations in Italy for dream wedding destinations. Dream, that to become real requires a great knowledge of the territory, of the facilities and services available but also the right quid mediterranean style that only a wedding planner of Capri is able to know ...

wedding planner Capri

Wedding planner Capri: secrets and tips for unforgettable weddings on the island

When you think of a wedding in Italy, what comes to mind right away are the images of venues immersed in the Mediterranean scrub or art, and good food - and yes, we talk about the classic stereotype "Pasta, bruschetta and mandolin?" - but also of projects with a refined aesthetic research, typical of the Italian Style, and with typical traditional details with a reference to folklore.

wedding planner Capri

Elements that can come to life in the correct way only if they are built and combined step by step through the study of the personalized vision board.
In the case of a Capri wedding day, for example, the typical colours such as blue, light blue, white and yellow, together with references to the designs of majolica or the Faraglioni, used for the participations, menus and the entire stationery, cannot be missed in the fil rouge of the wedding.

wedding planner Capri

The most beautiful views of Capri where to pronounce the fateful "Yes, I do!"

With no doubt, every glimpse of Capri is wonderful, but it will be only thanks to the help of the Capri wedding planner - who perfectly knows every alley and corner of the coast - that you will be able to find the perfect one, the one you have long dreamed of as a frame for the ceremony and reception overlooking the sea.

It is no coincidence that in one of its views was celebrated the very first wedding with a symbolic rite in 1952. This was the wedding of Pablo Neruda with his beloved Matilde. A love that they decided to celebrate with a symbolic rite only because of the poet’s previous marriage.
Although we do not know exactly which of the splendid views between Capri or Anacapri welcomed their "Yes!", one thing is certain, it was unique.
So, if you and your sweetheart are about to choose the destination for your wedding, here are the most beautiful venues on the island of love where you can pronounce the fateful "Yes!"..

wedding planner Capri

Getting married in Capri

  • In barca all'ombra dei Faraglioni
  • Belvedere di Punta Cannone
  • Belvedere di Tragara
  • Giardini di Augusto
  • Certosa di San Giacomo
  • Villa Lysis

Getting married in Anacapri

  • Sul Monte Solaro
  • Il Faro
  • La Migliera
  • Cetrella
  • Villa Damecuta

And now... the choice is yours!