Eco-friendly wedding

Eco-sustainability stands for a way of living on the planet that puts nature and its own inhabitants above everything by reducing the impact of our actions.

Choosing a green wedding is not only a responsible choice, but also a gesture of love towards nature and humankind.

Our planet needs us and we can all help in making it healthier for us and for our children. Even though the environment and the respect for nature have always been top priority for Med inStyle, eco-friendly weddings are becoming more and more of a trend nowadays. It is possible to be creative and original while, at the same time, avoiding unnecessary waste. Starting from the preparations of the ceremony to the wedding favours. Choosing carefully every single detail by using recycled materials and km zero products and selecting small producers and artisans. Every single detail will be taken care of by protecting the environment, without giving up the glamour and style that have always characterized Med inStyle!

Our choices for your eco-friendly wedding will show all your guests and loved ones your love for all life forms. The tableau marriage, the placeholders, the wedding favors, the invitations, the bouquet, the boutonnières, the centerpieces and all the decorations can be sustainable by using recycled materials, fabrics, paper and natural fibers.

Also the menu will reflect your sustainable lifestyle offering km zero products, organic olive oil and biodynamic wines. You will have a wedding banquet prepared only with fresh and tasty ingredients, helping and encouraging the local green production.

We can arrange eco-chic picnics which will emphasize the beautiful scenario that will host your wedding. Any budget will be optimized to fulfill your dreams and every single detail will be focused on your love and your life choices. The love towards nature and towards animals will be the added value to your special day! Flower decorations could be partially or entirely removed, but don’t worry, a creative bouquet realized by our designers made of recycled newspapers will hardly go unnoticed! The eco-friendly details will make your Italian wedding unique and unforgettable...

Your first gift as a new couple for a better world... not a bad start for a wonderful new life together!